RTS Solar LED Lights


Solar Aircraft LED Warning Lights (No need for cabling, day/night switches. Just mount)

The RTS LED 16 Solar Warning light is equip with 1.5W monocrystalline solar panel, 4200mAh Lithium iron phosphate battery.
The RTS LED 16 Lamp can work continuously 10-12 days(140 hours) with a single one day solar charge.
Illumination = 16pcs Bright LED lights = (16000 ~ 192000) Lumens
flash mode : 60 times per second
visual range:3-5 kilometers
Life span:>7 years
dimensions:diameter148Xheight155mm, bottom diameter 175mm
Water and dust protection = IP68
Working temperature : -40℃∽75℃

• Ultra-light LEDs, energy saving
• Self-contained without outside power supply
• Maximum visibility distance 4 KM
• Once fully charged, it can work for up to 200 hours
• Auto-off after being packed for 18 hours

• High-rise building marking
• Telecom tower marking
• Road obstruction marking
• Navigation aid
• Port, dock entrance & walkway
• Buoy marking
• Offshore gas & oil platform

RTS LED 16 Solar Warning light is available in Amber, White and red