RTS N450 Lattice Mast

• Heavy Duty Hot dipped Galvanized Lattice mast with 8.8 High tensile bolts & nuts
• From 3m~18 m Self Support Lattice NEW UPGRADE 18m self support
• From 21~80 m Guyed Lattice
• Easy Installation
• All material is High tensile GR355W (tube, rods)
• Leg centers = 450mm
• Face Width = 491mm
• Leg size = Ø 43.55 mm
• Flanges = 12mm GR355w steel
• Bracing size = 12mm
• Mass per section = 50 kg
• Guy rope diameter = 6mm stainless steel 7x 19
• Antenna loading = from 1m² over top 3 meter section in self support version up to 5m² over top 3 meter section in guyed lattice version

Please note that due to the strict confidentiality agreements that RTS has in place with our high profile clients, we have not included any of our clients in this gallery.


RTS N450 lattice mast

Our towers are designed using the latest software programs. Manufacture to the highest standards, galvanized up 130micron.
With the latest concrete technology available we can erect our towers in 3 days time.


Below another neat and professional installation near an Airport