RTS N600 Lattice Mast

A recently completed meteorological mast installation of a 159 meter N600 mast.


The RTS N600 Lattice Mast is currently our highest mast, it is audited for up to 202,5m. Our towers are built with the highest quality material to ensure our products can withstand severe weather conditions.

Mechanical Specifications

• 24m ~ 202,5m Guyed Lattice Mast
• >81Kg per section.
• Welded to ISO 15613 spesifications.
• Leg Centres: 600mm
• Face Width: 660mm
• Leg Size: Up to Ø 60.3 mm **
• Flanges: 20mm S355 Steel
• Bracing Size: Up to 38.1mm **
• Guy Cable Diameter: up to 10mm 6×19 core galvanized cable. Torqued to engineer specifications.**
** Subject to change depending on the weight of the load on apex.

Design Specifications

• 24m ~ 202,5m Guyed Lattice Mast
• Antenna Loading: 2m² on apex (141m), 0.5m² on apex (159m), 0.5m² on apex (202.5m). 
• Flanges mounted to section joins to eliminate frame wear.
• Heavy-duty, hot-dipped galvanized Lattice Mast with 8.8 high tensile bolts & nuts.
• Design specifications SANS 10160-3:2019
• Easy Installation
• Material: S355 High Tensile