RTS N425 Lattice Mast

Mechanical Specifications

• Leg Centres: 425mm
• Face Width: 463mm
• Leg Size: Ø 42.9 mm
• Flanges: 12mm
• Bracing Size: 12mm
• Mass per Section: 50 kg
• Material: S355 High Tensile Steel
• Bolt Grade: High Tensile Grade 8.8
Welded to ISO 15613 specifications.
• Guy Cable Diameter: 6mm stainless steel cable or 7x 19 core galvanized cable. Torqued to engineer specifications.

Design Specifications

• 18m ~ 120m Guyed Lattice Mast
• Design Specification: SANS 10160-3:2019
• Easy Installation
• Flanges mounted to section joins to eliminate frame wear.
• Basic Gust Wind Speed: 40m/s (144km/h)
• Max Antenna Top Load: 0.5sq m² @120m above NGL

Required Maintenance

All towers and masts must be inspected annually for corrosion, damage, and recalibrated to guyed cable tension specifications.